When is the best time of day to tan outside

Masses prefer having great tan; for coping up with such a desire, they opt natural ways of doing so, and for this very reason, we see many lying on the beaches, under the sun. Are you also interested in getting the sexy tan? If yes, this piece of information would tell you more about it, in detail. Not only the perfect beach can help you do so, but even if you have a big window which allows sun to hit directly, you can get yourself tan there even.

Many complain about sunburn while tanning outside? This may be puzzling to you, but this is true. Such a situation only arises when one with half knowledge goes out for a tan. Seriously, this is very dangerous. Here you go, these useful informative tips would when is the best time of day to tan outside;

When is the best time of day to tan outside

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  1. Timings:

Always plan out your outside (underneath sun tanning (between the hours when the sun does emit the ultraviolet rays at best. The ideal time for tanning according to the experts is between 10.25 a.m and 2.45 p.m.

  1. Make sure you know your skin tone:

In between the time mentioned, one can easily get tan; but, for this you must know your skin tone. Many get tan in 20 minutes even, so you need to evaluate that how much tan you want. You can cover the areas with cloth which you think does not require tan. Also, in order to protect the skin from severe tan, you can apply a good sun protectant.

  1. Apply a good accelerator

If you have previous experience of tanning, then you would have an idea how long does your skin takes to get a tan. In case it takes more than 30 minutes, you can always take help of the tan accelerator. There is ample amount of branded products available in the market which can help you do so. In case your body burns easily, then you would need a good sun block. Any sun block or sunscreen with 15 SPF would be an ideal choice for you; the choice of the brand depends upon your loyalty now.

Relax and stay comfortable:

At a point while tanning, you may feel uncomfortable and hot. In order to retain the stamina of enduring the heat, you can do the following things;

  • Serve yourself some healthy ad refreshing drinks
  • Use a pedestal fan
  • Spray some water over the body

By keeping the body moist, you would end up getting the tan quicker.

A few safety measures:

  • At any point if you show carelessness, you may end up with dry and dark skin. In fact, you may acquire sunburn, because without a periodic check on the skin you won’t even get to know how you obtained burn rather than tan.
  • Never forget to apply a good quality sun block before going to tan outside. Also, make sure the product you choose goes well with your skin type, and contain SPF 15. Otherwise, there would be great risk of getting skin burn.
  • Also, don’t forget to track the time you are outside. Either ask someone to inform you about the time, or keep an alarm clock with you. A little carelessness can cause of severe painful sunburn.
  • I hope these tips are useful enough to protect you and educate properly about the tan and its timings. So, now you must be ready to go out for a tan during the hot summers.


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  1. makayla says

    How do I get a tan during the winter months? Actually I love to get tan in summers but at winter it’s hard to go beaches. So how can I get tan? Tanning lotions seem to work ok but not as well as the real thing and I am not going to enter a cancer tanning booth/bed.

    • says

      how do you figure a tanning bed is any worse than laying out in the sun at the beach. If you don’t want to actually tan go get a tan sprayed on, a good one looks really nice. Try a Mystic Tan. It’s a spray on that they have at tanning salons. It isn’t bad for your skin, and if you go to a quality salon, it will look natural and last you a while

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