Top Five Best Mascara of 2014 That I Use

Eyes are a great gift of God. They not only help us see the world and its beauty but, for girls, they are a powerful tool to enchant the opposite gender and these powerful gifts, if enhanced and beautified, can change your look completely. There are a few known tools that can make your eyes stand out in crowds and the most important one is a good Mascara. Mascara, if picked out correctly to match your eye type and color can make a huge difference in your look. It can change cause your eyes instantly to look glamourous. So, ladies, to help you pick out the perfect mascara for your pretty eyes, here is a list of my top 5 favourite mascaras that can rock your year 2014 as its only around the corner..

  1. Exact Eyelights Eye Brightening Mascara by Covergirl:

Exact Eyelights Eye Brightening Mascara by Covergirl

4 star rated on reviews, this mascara is one of my favourite mascaras. The uniqueness of this product is its out of average color ranges that are formulated and pigmented to bring out the natural color of eyes and make them pop. The bristles of this brush are designed to prevent clumping and provide a flawless finish and easy application. It doesnt Smudge and doesnt look harsh and comes off easily without the pain of using a toner.

Its available in 4 different colors which include Black Sapphire (pops blue eyes), Black Pearl (for Brown eyes),Black Ruby (brightens green eyes) and Black Gold( for hazel eyes). 106

  1. Voluminous False Fiber Lashes Mascara by L’oreal Paris:

Voluminous False Fiber Lashes Mascara by L'oreal Paris


Tired of applying falsies every other day to make your eyes pop?? Then this is the mascara you are looking for… It not only volumnises the lashes but also produces a lengthening effect in them. Its long lasting formaula makes it best for your long office and college hours. Its densely fibered brush is great for both light and copious application. Couple it with curled lashes and ta-da! you get the false lash look by only using a mascara. 79

  1. Hypnose Drama by Lancome Paris:

Hypnose Drama by Lancome Paris

Ever wondered if you could get those show-stopper lashes? Then stop wondering and go shopping. As the name depicts, this mascara can give you lush lashes with its tripple coating system and its deep black pigments give your lashes a volume boost. Its no flake no clump formula makes your lashes look thicker without the feeling of them being over crowded.  Its unique S-shaped brush gives full coverage and easy application on the lashes in one go, giving them a fanned out and full body fringe. Its color range is limited to blacks only and includes Strass Black and Excessive black.  102

  1. Volum’Express the Mega Plush by Maybelline Newyork:

Volum'Express the Mega Plush by Maybelline Newyork_0

Volum'Express the Mega Plush by Maybelline Newyork_1

If you are looking for an everyday, subtle but glamorous lashes then this mascara will be the perfect choice for you. Its formula is gel based which volumnizes the lashes without giving them a brittle and clumpy look. Its light weight formula carresses the lashes and gives a massive volume with a supple touch. It has a flexor brush with ultra soft bristles which gives an easy peasy application and curves around lashes giving full coverage without any hard work. Its available in both washable and waterproof.  Brownish Black, Blackish Black ( my personal favourite), Very Black, Very Black W.P and Brownish Black W.P. are the shades available.

  1. Lash Domination 10-in-1 Volumizing Mascara by bareMinerals:

Lash Domination 10-in-1 Volumizing Mascara by bareMinerals

Lash Domination 10-in-1 Volumizing Mascara by bareMinerals_0

Usually when I take off my mascara, a couple of my lashes fall off but this one actually nourishes my lashes. I think thats because its formula is based on nourishing minerals. As its name indicates, this mascara is all you want. It lengthens volumnizes, thickens, lifts and separate the lashes. Its long wear and never smudges or flakes. Its great for every weather and every occasion. Its intense Black color coats the lashes and gives them a thick luscious appearance. Its wand is spiralled 180 with fine bristles which gives full coverage and prevents clumping.

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  1. savithri says

    Hi hira mam,there r lot of beauty products of many brands occupied by the market..I’m sure these products are chemical in nature and while using,undoubtedly it will cause severe problems.I just want to knw from u from all available brands,which brand is most safest to use for make-up(items like mascara,kajol,facewash,cleanser,toner,moisturizer,serum,scrub,lipstick) and hair products like shampoo,conditioner,hair serum,hair spray.because I don’t know nothing about cosmetics..please tell me particular product name for particular cosmetic items,..

  2. deepika says

    can u please give me some tips for light makeup….i m a student so i dnt like much… :) pls do rply.thnks

    • says

      Moisturize your face, Apply concealer to any blemishes and around your eyes. Apply a powder foundation on the oilier parts of your face.Apply Blush. Line your upper lashline with a brown, black or gray kohl pencil. Use a white eyeliner to make your eyes look larger. Apply light pink eye shadow on eyes. Apply a sheer nude lip color.

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