Why is it Important to use a Toner on your Face

important to use a toner on your face

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Cleanse, tone, moisturize. That’s what I’ve heard all my life. And followed too. Of course, I did not just listen to what people told me to do; I did some research for myself and followed what suited me. Its safe to say the mantra ‘cleanse, tone, moisturize’ worked perfectly well for me. This article is for those who doubt this mantra or just simply distrust the use of a toner. The frequently asked questions that I’ve gotten regarding the use of a toner are what does a toner do? Is it really important to use toner? Won’t a toner over dry my face? Read on to find whether it’s a friend or foe!

In order to reach a verdict on the importance of, or lack of, the toner, you need to first know the pros and cons of using a toner:


  1. It helps stabilize the skin’s pH which gets disturbed by face wash/cleansers
  2. It minimizes the size of pores, by plumping up the skin around
  3. It adds protection by removing the minerals present in water used for rinsing the face
  4. Acts as a humectant, that is, it locks in moisture, thereby reducing dryness


  1. It can be very drying, especially for already dry skin or for skin in winters

As is clear, the advantages are more than the disadvantages and one can always follow trial and error method to see what works for their skin type. And yes, now to answer the more obvious question, yes; its important to use a toner – or risk getting acne breakouts and wrinkles! And for the drying effect, use a good moisturizer right after the toner so as to keep the moisture within. I would also suggest, either use skin care products from the same company line as they work well when used together. Or, go natural, with natural ingredients and items found in your kitchen-yay! (Read on!)

For those who love putting on makeup on a daily basis might benefit from using a strong facial toner as a part of their skin care regime, thereby making sure all of their makeup comes off at the end of the day and doesn’t clog pores leading to acne. Also, its long term use can aid in keeping wrinkles at bay too, so that’s a bonus!

Those who don’t rely on makeup daily and don’t really need toner to remove makeup can still use a mild formulated toner and use it once a day to remove dirt and grime and to revitalize their skin.

And then those, who cannot use a toner due to its drying effect, can still benefit from natural toning ingredients like cucumber slices (or cucumber juice), rose water, lemon juice soaked cotton ball, tomato slices or even just plain old ice cube. Yes, ice cubes have been used as a toner and to keep skin supple and plump. So there- my secret is out! Can’t use chemically produced toner? Walk right into your kitchens for a toner that doesn’t over-dry.

Because it is that important to tone your skin.

So don’t forget; either follow the protocol cleanse, tone, moisturize; or find one that suits you!


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