How To save Hair Color?

I went to my friend’s place, her little baby girl opened the door and said ‘mom, orange aunty is here’ – the most embarrassing moment of my life, I cannot really forget that day. She was an innocent angel and indeed, it was not her fault. My faded hair dye was the root cause. My beautiful dyed red hair turned orange eventually. When I came home from the friends’ place, I decide to look for the ways through which I can save the hair color and avoid these tantrums.

While going through various online articles, I realized one thing, there are many who have gone through the same problem, the hair fading color. One of the research showed that 20 percent of the color is eliminated as soon as we wash the hair for the first time after the dye. However, after a prolonged inquiry, I have sorted out my problem; and would like to share the great piece of information with you people as well.

How to save hair color

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Reminder – how to save hair color?

Trust me, if you abide by the tips mentioned below, your hair color would remain fresh, glowing and vibrant even after the month.

Apply color on neat hair:

Before applying the color you must take a fresh shampoo – you do not need a good shampoo repeatedly. The hair color can simply get away as soon as you run your run through the water. Yes, you can certainly apply some conditioner to remove the chemical effects. Let the hair retain the color for at least a day and you can wash the hair the next day maybe.

Cut on the HEAT:

Try to use shampoos, which are specially made up colored hair – they are less damaging. Furthermore, never use hot or lukewarm water to wash the hair, once dyed. You can take advice from your expert about the right type of products that are useful and yes, less expensive.

Use of hair spray:

I have seen women using so much hair spray that hair look like dried pastry crust. I mean no, you should always spray while making sure it is at least 10 inches away from the strand. Hair spray is really damaging, it blocks the hair breathing capacity when applied. Similarly, it disturbs the colored shafts and when you wash next, the color fades.

Hot styling Appliances:

When women go for styling, all they worry about the desired outcome. They never pay attention to the idea that their hair is freshly colored. This is alarming – even the professional would be least bothered about it. The curler or the blow dry machine affects the hair dye with intense heat. I am not saying that you must stop going for styles, but you can certainly ask the woman to lower down the heat so that it is less damaging.

Hair health is important:

There is no way that the hair color would last forever – it would certainly oxidize over the period. Interestingly, the hair tends to lose the color from the ends more rapidly than the roots. I have personally experienced that, and I am sure you would have had also. Those who have already damp and ruined hair, in terms of quality, would easily loose the hair color. So, try to use good conditioners that provide good health, this would help you in retaining the color.

Lastly, you must get fresh cuts over the time so that dead end and splits are removed. By doing so, you would easily retain the color because healthy hair tends to hold the color for longer time. Hope this works well for you too because I am already reaping the benefits.


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    Some nice tips there, but was nothing worked till now. Hope with your tips and tricks can protect my color. Do you actually use this tips?

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