Get the perfect pout – smudge proof!

Ever wonder how to look the best among other women when in a crowded place full of well dressed women? Ever realize that lips are one of the first things to get noticed and is also the most defining on our face, especially when curved in a smile? Ever felt courageous enough to attempt to wear a dark lip stain? No? Well, you may want to reconsider! Dark lips make any woman stand out, at work, at a party, or even at a dinner date – unless the lipstick is everywhere except the lips; then it just makes for an embarrassing night that no one wants to remember. And it happens more often than not, as most people with a busy lifestyle having the need to look good, don’t have the know-how or the right items to use to make perfect their dark lips. However, applying lipstick correctly to avoid smudging is not rocket science, a few cosmetic items are all you need to have and a few steps are all you need to know to get the hot dark lips that would remain exactly where its supposed to be – on the lips!

Get the perfect pout

Exfoliation is rule number one when it comes to sporting the perfect lips! So if you don’t exfoliate the face, it’s about time that you start doing so, and exfoliate the lips too. Just like the facial skin, lips too, get dehydrated and flake off leaving a very uneven surface and an even more unpleasant appearance. This is the best way to ensure your lipstick stays put and lasts long. So start by exfoliating the lips using commercial scrubs or you can even use a scrub made at home with ingredients like lemon, honey and sugar already sitting in your kitchen cupboards!

That done, you need to set the stage for the play! That’s right. You need to prepare the lips using a specific lip primer or even the foundation for your face would do the job. This also helps in preventing your lips from bleeding into the surrounding area.

Next up, using a lip liner the same shade of your lipstick or a shade lighter, make the outline and fill color into the lips. Lining the lips is like demarcating, it keeps the lipstick from smudging. And filling in basically helps keep the color last longer by acting as a base.

Coming to the actual lipstick, putting one heavy coat would smudge easily as well as cause easy fading of color. Instead, apply a single, light coat of lipstick and dab at it using a tissue. Repeat the process three times and you are sure to have your lips the same shade as you wore when applying makeup, with no smearing.

Finish by using face powder or powder foundation on your lips to help set the color. The powder will basically control the oiliness of the lipstick and prevent smudging by giving a dry effect.

And voila! Those are the best ways to prevent lipstick from smudging. Who said dark lips had to be complicated to do? Dark lips, especially crimson, have always been my favorite and as a girl I could never bring myself to put on lipstick, I hated even the idea of it – lol! So ever since I made the transition from girl to woman, I have donned red vixen lips everywhere and surprisingly enough pulled it off! But not without learning the tricks of this trade first. Super easy and with a flattering end result! I love it! Wouldn’t you?

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  1. MD BAKER ALAM says

    mam i try every thing for my lips that you said, but still i cannot remove the dark patches from my lips…even i try the fresh coconut oil on my lips but no progess reports yet.
    so mam please give me some helpfull tips.
    i am eagerly wating for your reply.

    • says

      Apply paste of turmeric, red sandalwood and honey for 30mins and wash with warm water daily. must use glycerin + lime juice on ur lip. Most important consult with a good doctor immediately. Early i have told you which lip disease you have.

  2. pender says

    Next week I have to attend a party. So can you help me how can I create a perfect lip shape while applying lipstick. I always do this wrong.

    • says

      for your lips, you should use a concealer, i reccommend maybellines 24 hour concealer, and coceal your lips and blend in well, then use a nude lipliner and line your lips on your natural lip line OR if you want your lips to look fuller line them slightly above your natural lipline, then you can either use lipstick or a nude pink lipgloss or whatever color you prefer.

  3. ava says

    I am a big fan of Avon lipsticks and glosses but it does not stay more than 3 to 4 hours. What should I do to make my lipstick last longer.

    • says

      Avon’s Perfect wear Extra lasting lipstick is created to last up to 8 hours, but if you apply lip pencil all over your lips before applying your lipstick, it will help it last longer.

  4. brianna says

    My skin complexion is dark. Which color of lipstick suits on my dark complexion? I am very confused while choosing.

    • says

      First, lip liner. Get a nude lip liner and line your lips a little outside the lip line.
      Buy a good lip plumper that has MaxiLip or hyaluronic acid as an ingredient rather than an irritant like cinnamon oil (which will be painful and only temporarily swell your lips).
      Put gold or silver (depending on your personal coloring) eyeshadow on your Cupid’s Bow with a lip brush. It will reflect light and make your upper lip look fuller. You can also put a bit of matte bronzer or neutral, tan eye shadow under your bottom lip for the same effect. Be sure to blend carefully!
      After lipstick/gloss, dab more of the gold or silver eyeshadow (or use a frosty gloss) in the center of your top and bottom lips. Make sure to blend it, but not too much.

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