Let your Skin Breathe! 12 Ways to look awake without Makeup!

Makeup nowadays has become like a basic entity in a woman’s life. Makeup care is considered more important than natural care for skin. They buy and wear makeup like they wear clothes. Naturally enhanced beauty will make you look 100 times more glowing and pretty than by using these products or medicines or surgeries. The following is a list of techniques you can adapt in your daily lifestyle to enhance that glow and rejuvenate your inner beauty.

Let your Skin Breathe! 12 Ways to look awake without Makeup

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  1. Hydrate You Skin with Water:

A glass full of water in the morning is the best you can provide to your body which will automatically reflect at you skin’s appearance. Hydrating your skin by drinking water in the morning will let you lose those puffy eyes and dark circles you have gathered by working late or not completing your sleep.

  1. Wash Your Face:

For a face without makeup care, it needs a clean and dirt free skin. Your motive is to look fresh without using makeup and for that all you have to do is, splash that face with lot of water. You can also use a natural face cleanser for better results.

  1. Watch your Diet:

Eating a nutritious and well balanced diet will give that flawless skin you have always craved for. Foods that filled with vitamins, minerals and fibers will help you get that natural glow. Lemons, oranges, other fruits, vegetables, proper milk products will help you enhance your beauty to a new level. So feel a smoother skin by adopting better food habits.

  1. Skin Moisturizers:

Always make sure that your skin is moisturized and never dry. There are number of organic moisturizers available in the market that gives you a smooth and young looking skin with a better complexion.

  1. Exercising is a necessity:

Making your mood better and physically improving your inner body parts, exercising will always help you get better skin. It helps you get a better heart rate, thus better blood flow making your skin breathe and boosting that shine.

  1. Decrease your Stress Levels:

With our busy work schedules, we suffer from a lot of stress whether it be work related or home related. Reducing stress will help you revitalize your skin and make you look younger and fairer. You can achieve this by having regular walks or jogs, doing yoga, getting spas or massages or even just relaxing yourself by giving yourself some time.

  1. Naturally Clean Your skin:

The natural cleansers will help you remove dirt, bacteria and cleanse your pores in and out. It helps in regaining and restoring the skin’s natural condition without harming them in any sense.

  1. Create Homemade Masks:

For better results use natural ingredients to regenerate your skin. Basic elements present in your kitchen will help you gain that beauty back. Create masks out of mixture of yogurt, honey, besan, almonds, oils, lemon and more and apply it after every 2-3 days. These natural elements are great source of nutrition to your skin.

  1. Sleep Right:

For that blush of beauty and radiance, never compromise on your beauty sleep. Sleeping on time and completing good 7-8 hours of sleep is a necessity for a skin to glow and remain young. So keep your phones aside and grab your sleep with no disturbances.

  1. Lip Care:

Good looking lips will always add to the beauty of your skin. Keep your lips always moisturized with a good balm or lip care gel and never let them dry away. Wash them regularly to remove away all the dust particles.

  1. Let your eyes do the talking:

Your eyes speak a lot especially the well shaped eyebrows and those curly eyelashes. Let them be groomed at every hour so that it reflects how in how your skin talks.

  1. Groom your Hair:

For an overall better looking skin, aspects like good clothes and good hair should not be neglected. Get yourself up and get a good haircut. Not only will it make you happy but give your face an entirely new and fresh look making your skin show more radiance.


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  1. says

    Today, many people have lost faith in their looks believing they cannot look good without makeup. I am happy you shared this. because it is very rich and sure will certainly help.

  2. marvellous says

    hey lynne……i have very dry lips.what should i do??????which balm should i use??????please fast….not a very expensive one maybe from a pharmacy or something……:)

  3. nakul says

    hey lynne I was ashamed of my dark complexion. I had not posted even my pic for about 3 years… now I just searched for skin tips n I followed you … my skin is becoming great. I also made my skintone fairer but shinier n smooth too…. thanks lynne
    I also learned that its not the skintone its all about your shininess in skin and smooth skin
    once again thanks lynne

  4. says

    A fascinating discussion is worth comment. I do believe that you need to publish more about this topic,
    it may not be a taboo matter but typically people do not discuss these subjects.

    To the next! Cheers!!

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