4 Ways to Get Perfect Shape Eyebrow

4 Ways to Get Perfect Shape Eyebrow

Shaping eyebrow is an art as well as an important part of grooming. Eyebrows that are shaped according to facial features, enhances your beauty. There are four ways to achieve a perfectly groomed eyebrow. First, figure out the brow length as it helps framing your eyes. Second, decide how thin or thick your brows should [...]

Home Remedies for Razor Burns

Home Remedies for Razor Burns

Razor burns are extremely common. Shaving is a routine for most men and women. Most of them experiences this problem whenever they indulge in the process of shaving / waxing in order to remove unwanted hair. Even if you are very careful with the shaving process, you will still, at least occasionally, experience this issue. [...]

10 Common Sunscreen Mistakes You should avoid

Common Sunscreen Mistakes

image: shutterstock Sunscreens are the topical products, applied on the skin to reflect ultraviolet rays from sun and thus protecting the skin from sunburns. Sunscreen can be a lotion, cream or spray. Now-a-days, sunscreen use is considered important due to environmental changes as ozone layer is gradually getting thin and weak leading to a higher temperature [...]

15 Breakfast Foods that enhance your Skin and Hair

breakfast foods that enhance your skin and hair

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day because it enhances your metabolism and keeps you energetic all day long. So, the foods we take in our breakfast must contain all the important nutrients needed by our body to keep us in a good health. There is famous saying “you are what you eat”, [...]

Boost your Skin with Anti Ageing Red wine Facial

anti ageing red wine facial

The feeling your heart gets when you look at the mirror and see the wrinkles on your face is saddening, but what if there is an easy remedy there that can instantly make you feel invigorated? The answer to this troublesome question is quite simple. Red wine facial is a new and simple technique that [...]

How To Make Ultimate Relaxing And Rejuvenating Detox Baths

How To Make Ultimate Relaxing And Rejuvenating Detox Baths

A lot of people do have bathtubs installed in their washrooms. But most of these people use it only occasionally. The Bathtub is mostly neglected, accumulating dust, dirt and grime. Contrary to contemporary belief, the bathtub has several other useful purposes other than having a splash at the end of a hot day. It can [...]

6 Homemade Face Packs to get that Radiant, Glowing Skin!!

6 Homemade Face Packs

Don’t we all love flawless, soft and velvety skin? Some of us are naturally blessed, while the unfortunate ones like myself have to work hard for skin to be at its best. And while most of us have the money to throw for expensive spa facials and treatments, some of us, again like yours truly, [...]

13 Beauty Secrets from Native Americans

13 Beauty Secrets from Native Americans

image: shutterstock Whenever we need to find a solution for our problems, we turn to different banks of knowledge. Seemingly, the world has it all today; we have products for everything from the hair on our head to our toenails but the question is doing we really? One culture that has been grossly ignored, and wrongfully [...]

15 Reasons to Love Lemons for Perfect Skin

Reasons to Love Lemons for Perfect Skin

Every lady and gentleman who is or has ever been worried about their weight has heard that home-remedy about a glass of warm water mixed with honey and a lemon. Now where many people consider this remedy an absolute godsend to get rid of all that extra weight, many complain that for them, it just [...]

5 Simple Tips to Prevent Kajal from smudging

Tackle Your Smudge Situation

image credit: shutterstock How many times have you heard the phrase that your eyes are the window to your soul? This statement is true for a number of reasons ranging from the fact that your eyes are most probably the first thing a person notices about you to your eyes give away your emotions better than [...]