Tips to Get Glamorously chic this valentine’s Day!

valentine's Day 2015

image: flickr With yet another Valentine’s Day rolling by, the one question all the girls constantly have on their minds, is how to dress to impress like never before. That extra oomph, that extra sex appeal, that extra something that helps us stand out in a throng of sexy women. Like I always say, fashion […]

Sleep for beautiful skin; not just a myth!

Sleep for beautiful skin

image: shutterstock Since our childhood, we have always heard aunties and celebrities emphasize on the importance of their beauty sleep and attribute their good looks on sleep. In fact, girls everywhere are told the same. But do we really follow that advice? Hardly a half of the women worldwide actually value sleep or respect a […]

Hair dying- the damage it causes and steps to minimize it

Hair dying- the damage it causes and steps to minimize it

image: shutterstock What with all the various hair colour trends these days, its no wonder every direction you turn, every girl you see, will have a different colour, done in every manner possible. Those who don’t have the resources to pay for expensive salon treatments dye their hair using at-home dying kits. But it seems […]

Drink your Way to a Healthy, Glowing, Beautiful Skin!

Healthy and beautiful and glowing skin

image: Shutterstock Don’t you just get envious of the naturally blessed girls, the ones that have glowing skins? They never need to put on any make up on off-days.! I love a good beautiful skin, and I never fail to appreciate it on someone and ask their secrets for the same. Almost half of these […]

6 Home Remedies for Dry and Damaged Hair

Home Remedies for Dry and Damaged Hair

image: shutterstock In addition to looking dull as well as unhealthy, dry hair should lead to hair loss and dandruff. Therefore, you require treating dry hair as early as possible. It is to be noted that hair becomes dry because the hair shafts do not soak up or maintain sufficient moisture, resulting in a fragile, […]